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      2017 Store locations, Shirt styles, colors and prices:
The UPS Store at The Centre Shops.  5380 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
            Mon - Fri  8:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m.    Sat  9a.m. to noon

Rip Current clothing store LBK at Whitney Beach Plaza. 6850 Gulf of
     Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, FL.  Mon - Sat 10am to 5pm.

 Cotton Tee Sizes and Ordering:
   Children's: extra small to large.  Adults: small to extra large.
   Women's: small, medium and large.

  Cotton (Tangerine color only):
   Children $15, Adults $20.

   2017 Style (see picture below).    This years color is Tangerine.

 On line ordering and payment for Cotton Tees:

     Cotton Tangerine Tee's only. Sizes and prices are the same as above.
   All orders require additional $5 for shipping and handeling. 

   Click button to order on line:      Online Ordering

  Speciality Quick Dry Tee:
    Speciality Quick Dry (Many colors).
   Children $20, Adults $20.

 On line ordering and payment for Quick dry Tees:

  Click the button to see Quick Dry Tee web site:

      Go To Site

  Previous LBK Turtle Watch T-shirt colors and styles:
A new color is chosen each year to complement the LBK Logo.
    Click to see previous colors and styles modeled by LBK Watchers