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For a minimum contribution of $25, we will put a name of your choice on the back of a stake at a turtle nest site.
The donor will be informed of the location of the nest, and when the nest hatches, they will be notified
of the date that the nest will be excavated.  If on LBK, they can come out on the beach and find out the
Fate of the Nest.   If the donor is not on Longboat Key at the time of excavation, we will let them know
the fate of the nest (Number hatched, unhatched, live in the nest, etc.) The nests will be located on the
Manatee County section of Longboat Key between 4141 Gulf of Mexico Drive and Greer Island.

  Two ways to Name a Nest:

All Electronic:  Click the Donate button and once on the payment page, select the method
      of payment.
Then click the Blue "+" symbol and enter your "Name a Nest" name, your name, email
      and address information in the text box that opens up.
      Then click the blue Donate Now button on the bottom of the PayPal payment page.

2.  All Paper:
     Click the "Name Nest Form" button, 
Name Nest Form , print it, fill it out and Mail it with your $25 donation to:
      Longboat Key Turtle Watch, 5380 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Ste 105, Longboat Key, FL 34228.

     Questions: Contact Freda or Dawn at or phone 941-383-6261 or 336-462-3505