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  Hello all,
My new 6th grade class has voted to have a fundraiser like last year's class (though they say theirs will be better!)
--to raise funds for Mote's Sea Turtle Hospital. The fundraiser will be on the day before and on Earth Day.
I had a small ('marketing') group meet me yesterday at Mote during our spring break. Jenna Rouse and Kaitlyn Fusco
were super accommodating and we had the extensive tour of the hospital and heard all the back stories for the patients.
The kids prepared an interview with very well thought-out questions (after having read a bunch of study links I sent them)
for a filmed interview with Jenna (who was awesome). And because Kaitlyn (Mote's PR Manager) was present for the entire
90 minute session (tour and interview), she has approved us using the video and photos in any way we choose.

The video is currently in 'editing' with the little blond girl (Hannah) who interviewed Jenna.
Hannah is definitely gifted and is technologically advanced way beyond my capabilities!
They ran the whole thing-I was just there to support them. It's important as it was last year to encourage
the students to manage the whole fundraiser.

Cindy, Kaitlyn gave me brochures and tickets yesterday, but couldn't locate any posters like we had last year.

I guess we'll just make our own.

Melissa, are you still in charge of Defenders? I have 65 6th graders this year and all will want to be a part of the program.
I don't want to inundate you with a bunch of applications though--should I just send a list with names and emails?

Maybe we could put some of these photos on our website or FB page?

See (some of you) soon!

Tracy Hodges