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  Hello Sea Turtle Defenders!
  This note is to welcome you to our club and thank you for joining. We are very happy you decided to take our S. T. Defender Pledge.

   We will be sending you information on when and where we will have turtle nests excavations that everyone is welcome to attend.

  If you would like to get a Longboat Key Turtle watch shirt there is a place on Longboat Key where you can get one for a $15.00 donation.
  All of our members are volunteers, (we don't get paid) so we use the money donated for the shirts to help turtles.
  If you want you can get a shirt at:

  The Centre Shops
  5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive Suite 105
  Longboat Key

  We will begin having public nest excavations in July when our nests start hatching.
  We dig up a hatched nest to see how many hatchlings went to the water. Sometimes there are baby hatchlings still in the nest
  and we get to help them go to the water that same evening. It's so much fun to see the little hatchlings hurry to the water!
  They are SO little they could fit in your hand. We encourage you to wear your Turtle Watch Shirt to the excavation but you don't have to.
  Just come either way and learn more about how YOU can help our Sea Turtles. If anyone else you know would like to join the Club,
  our pledge form is on our website:
  They can just fill it our and mail it to us.

  From our home page just click on the EDUCATION Button and it will take you to a page where you can select Sea Turtle Defender Club.
  If you would like, have your picture taken in your Turtle Shirt and email it to me. We will put it on the website Club Page.
  If you have any questions you can email me back.
  We look forward to meeting you when our nests start hatching.
  Thanks again for joining us in helping Sea Turtles,

  Melissa Herron
  Longboat Key Turtle Watch