Wagner Realty on Friday donated $1000 to Longboat Key Turtle Watch,  
     which will fund scholarships for Sea Turtle Defenders to participate in
     Mote Marine Summer Camps.

   The Sea Turtle Defender Club of Longboat Key Turtle Watch is a free program that educates
  youth and provides opportunities for them to learn about the conservation and protection
  of sea turtles. Sea Turtle Defenders are also asked to sign a pledge to help sea turtles
  in their everyday life such as filling in their holes on the beach, picking up trash,
  keeping lights off during turtle season, which is May to November, and helping to educate
  others regarding what they can do to help sea turtles. Defenders are also invited to
  attend nest excavations, members-only events and other activities offered by Longboat Key Turtle Watch.

  By providing scholarships for the Club Members to attend Mote Marine Summer Camps,
  Longboat Key Turtle Watch is expanding their mission to educate the youth on ocean
  conservation efforts. The Mote Marine summer camps are for youths age 2-15 and offer
  youth an opportunity to learn through ocean-themed activities, as well as emulate
  world-class research of Mote Scientists in a fun and informal setting. Mote summer
  camps create memorable learning experiences while encouraging education beyond the classroom.

  If you are a youth and are interested in becoming a Sea Turtle Defender, please visit: http://bit.ly/2gGTw9J.