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  A sixth-grade class at Bradenton Christian School raised more than $500 to benefit Mote Marine Laboratory’s Turtle Hospital.

  After learning about turtle nesting season in Tracy Hodges’ social studies class on Earth Day, the class decided to hold a bake
  sale to benefit the hospital.

  “We want to make sure if a turtle is stranded or injured that the hospital will have money to take care of her,”
  sixth-grader Makenna Hermann said in a press release.

  The students had the goal of raising $200 at the bake sale April 30 and raised more than double — $528.77.

  “Every time someone walked by, the students would shout, ‘Save the turtles!’” Hodges said in the release.
  “They did a great job educating our community as well as raising money for Mote.”

  The donation will be presented to Mote when staff members visit the school’s end-of-the-year awards ceremony May 18.