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     Turtle nests are opened to count the number of eggs that hatched, didn't hatch,

     dead turtles, and rescue live ones that didn't make it out.  Public nest openings are

     posted on the UPS Store at the Center Shops, and will be listed on this WEB site.

     Email alerts will also be sent to those who have registered: To add your name

     to the list to receive notification of evening nest excavations, go to: and enter email address and hit "subscribe".

       All hatched nests are opened, however the general public is only invited to those openings
       where the nest is easily accessible and has adequate car parking nearby.  Stay tuned!!

   Next Public nest opening Date and Time:  September 16th (Friday)  at 7:00 PM

  Nest location is at 4825 Gulf of Mexico Drive.  Westchester.
 ** Park at Public Beach Access at 4795 Gulf of Mexico Drive, and walk north **