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  The Longboat Key Turtle Watch group patrols Gulf side beaches starting at the Manatee

  County line (Sea Club Resort), north to the Longboat Pass bridge, Greer Island (Beer Can).

  This stretch of beach is divided into 4 zones and is patrolled by 38 volunteers, who walk

  the beach at 6:30 AM in the morning, one or more days a week.  The patrols typically start

 May 1st, and usually end by Oct. 31st, when all the marked nests have hatched or been dug up.

  Zone A starts at 6990 GMD,  Broadway St, and covers the beach north to Greer Island (Beer Can)..

  Zone B starts at 6400 GMD, 6400 Building), and covers the beach north to 6990 GMD.

  Zone C starts at 5231 GMD, Covert Inn II, and covers the beach north to 6400 GMD.

  Zone D starts at 4441 GMD, Sea Club, and covers the beach north to 5231 GMD.

  Click to watch:        SRQ Magazine interviews Connie Schindewolf about LBK Turtle Watch
  Click to Watch:    A Video covering the complete nesting of our LBK Turtles
  Click to Read:      A day in the life of an LBK Sea Turtle Watch Volunteer
  Take a test drive:  The best way to experience what the club does is to join a group
                                walking a morning patrol.  Email your request to: lbk@lbkturtlewatch.com

  Click to See:         A picture of members from the LBK Turtle Watch Group
  Click to See:         LBK Turtle Watch Officers
  Click to See:         Educating the Public
  Click to See:        Enjoy a Saturday morning walk with a Turtle Patrol expert

The LBK Turtle Watch members are all volunteers, but we need money for supplies to
  mark and protect our Turtle Nests.  We also use GPS units to accurately mark the nest locations.
     We raise money from our own Members annual dues, Tee Shirt Donations, and Other Non Profit
  activities like Silent Auctions with donated items.
     The largest Percentage of our income is donated to Mote Marine Research to support their Turtle
  Programs.  We also send School kids to a Mote Marine Research one week Summer Camp.

     Click here to see The Longboat Key Turtle Watch Donation to Mote Marine Research.


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                                             All Donations are Tax Deductible.